Northeast Ohio's Premier Amateur Adult Soccer League

Congratulations to Croatia SC and Akron GFS II for winning the LESL 2016 Spring Season!

The LESL Annual Meeting is on August 29th at Karadjordje at 7 PM.



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The Lake Erie Soccer League is a non-profit chartered organization, affiliated through various associations with the well known world soccer federation, FIFA. Its major objective is the promotion of the game of soccer.

In addition, it strives to continually uphold the highest standards of the game, and to protect the general interest of its affiliate member clubs. In accordance with these objectives, the main purpose of this publication is to introduce all members-officials, clubs and players of the LESL and its locally affiliated organizations to our friends in the community.

It is hoped that the lack of communication existing today at all levels of soccer will somewhat be lessened through our efforts in this report, and at the same time we provide spectators of our games relevant information.